from 3d animation to….sewing!?!?!

With my channel I’ve been doing a lot  of rethinking about what it should be; while I don’t really consider myself a writer if anything not at all but at this little moment i’m happy to have a little space to put my jumbled up thoughts down and try to organize them. If nothing else it’ll help me write more clearly too so here we go.

lately I’ve been getting VERY interested in sewing and I want to show what it is i’m working on as well as stuff I learn along the way but I have a bit of a problem with that. My youtube channel, which has been aging poorly has been about Blender 3d and 3d animation. I’m realizing that this is not really something I’m terribly interested in anymore. I have this feeling of been there done that with it and my original dream of being an animator never really panned out the way I wanted. eh hem note to self leave Michigan forever….ok back to the topic at hand. But how in the world do I change over to something else!? while i say sewing I would love for my channel to be more of a maker channel like iltms or april wilkerson’s channels.

I’ve found sewing to be one of the few maker projects i can easily do in my apartment since its a quote unquote clean crafts out there as opposed to say woodworking or metal working. By the way i’m not knocking those skills, they just generate dust and usually are big projects that i have no room for *sadFace* although i’d love to get my hands dirty making some tables or something.

im thinking what i’m going to end up doing is making a few videos about these other topics i’m genuinely interested in, see if they look presentable,im aware that im somewhat i’ll equipped, and if they look good enough to start putting those kinds of videos up.


thanks for listening to my ramblings ^^

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