new music album on the way

So in the shadows I have started working on another music album. This will be my seventh one can ya believe it? well maybe you didn’t know that I made music, or at least sounds that I call music. maybe it sounds like cats fighting over the last garbage tuna but you get the point.

For the album I’m working on like anyone who’s spent quite a while on something, I’m really proud of what I got so far. there was one in particular song on this new album I’m working that ended up sounding like a sea chantey. While I don’t claim to know anything about singing I managed to umm uhhh attempt to do so over my lovely little sea chantey and wound up with story about a lady waiting for her captain by the shoreline.

things spiraled from there and at time of writing I now have 8 songs that are ready to go.  When I have that many songs I know I can start talking about what I’m doing since I can guarantee a complete album, its just a question of when.

and with this one I’m really trying to make it epic. I’d love to make it a double album, one with a more jungle-y vibe while the other being a lot more electronic, that and finally bothering to pick up my lil IRL violin and hopefully making those squeaks and squawks into something both interesting and listenable. That and singing over more of the album than any of my previous ones.

thanks for indulging these characters made out of zeros and ones, I do appreciate it ^^

all the best,


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